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Dri Wash 'n Guard® OxyGone® Paint Restorer

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11502 250ml $25.95

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Product Information:

Dri Wash 'n Guard Waterless Carwash OxyGone Paint Restorer resultsDon’t repaint that old vehicle! Restore the shine on older, dull painted surfaces with OxyGone™. Quick, Easy and Inexpensive, OxyGone™, now with Ionic Technology, gets rid of oxidation that dulls painted surfaces. All it takes is a quick polish, a light rub to a haze, then buffing with a terry towel, and the shine that you didn’t know was there is back again! OxyGone™ reverses the damaging effects of sun, wind, and precipitation. It contains no abrasives or ammonia, and no pre-washing is necessary when applying the product. We’ve got the One-Two Punch for dull painted surface: bring back that shine with OxyGone®, and keep that shine with DRY WASH ‘n GUARD® Ultra-ION™ Waterless Carwash™. The results on oxidised plastic and fibreglass are just as amazing!

OxyGone® is great for:

• Removing hard water spotting on your vehicle and other non-porous surface
• Cleaning plastic window material on jeeps, boats, and older convertible tops
• Restoring aged items in gold, silver, glass or plastic.

Instructions for Use:

Pre-test on inconspicuous area before use.

  1. Invert bottle and shake vigorously for 5 seconds.
  2. Apply a small amount of OxyGone™ on a clean terrycloth towel.
  3. Using the towel, work the product into the oxidized surface until haze begins to disappear.
  4. Using another clean terry cloth towel, buff the treated surface to a gloss.
  5. For best result work in small sections.

For ultimate surface restoration, use DRY WASH 'n GUARD® OxyGone™ on the surface of the vehicle, and follow with DRY WASH 'n GUARD® Ultra-ION™ Waterless Carwash™ and Protective Glaze.

Directions by Machine:

  1. Invert bottle and shake vigorously for 5 seconds.
  2. To prevent splatter, apply a small amount of OxyGone™ on a clean terrycloth towel and spread over a 30cm area.
  3. Buff to a high gloss using a conventional or orbital-type buffer equipped with a foam-polishing pad. Do not exceed 2,400 RPM.

Caution: Use under well ventilated conditions. First Aid Treatment: If swallowed, call physician or poison control centre immediately.



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