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Dri Wash 'n Guard® Premium Oil Treatment

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DWGO 236ml $34.95

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To view an informative video with demonstration explanation of the many benefits of the DWG® PolyGuard-1® Premium Oil Treatment click the appropriate link below.

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Product Information:

Dri Wash 'n Guard Fabric Carpet & Upholstery Treatment ResultsDWG® PolyGuard-1® Premium Oil Treatment differs from all other oil products which go into the crankcase because it is an oil treatment, not a metal treatment. It does not bond to the metal in an engine as other products claim to do. DWG® PolyGuard-1® Oil Treatment enhances the film strength of the oil which creates film retention as though your motor oil has bonded to the metal without actually plating or impregnating the metal in a way that it cannot be removed. Why is this important?

This is important because it is actually the film strength which provides your motor oils durability. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), 60% of the cooling that is done in your motor is done by the oil itself, and 40% is done by the radiator cooling system. Standard motor oil film strength is 600 to 1100 psi. But pressures inside your engine can exceed 100,000 psi! Simply put, this high pressure “seperates” the molecules of your motor oil, which in turn allows metal-to-metal contact between moving parts in your engine. Such contact of moving parts in your engine results in wear - wear that could be avoided if the oil was doing its job. Film strength is incredibly important!

When you add DWG® PolyGuard-1® Premium Oil Treatment to your motor oil, you increase its film strength to more than 150,000 psi. This reduces the metal-to-metal contact, which reduces wear on the engine.  The increase film strength also helps ensure that the moving parts of your engine are always coated with oil ensuring there is less friction. At the same time, the engine is operating more efficiently and running cooler.

Because we are an oil treatment instead of a metal treatment, we have another advantage over the so-called metal bonding products. When those products are added to the crankcase, about 80% of the additive winds up in the oil filter where it can do no good at all. There is no scientific evidence available today for any products proving that they do in fact bond to the metal. DWG® PolyGuard-1® Oil Treatment is a sub-micron product which mixes with the oil, and passes through the oil filter.  This enable the DWG® PolyGuard-1® Oil Treatment to continue to work, by reducing friction in your engine and to help bolster your engine oil's film strength.

Using DWG® PolyGuard-1® Premium Oil Treatment is one of the ways you can help prolong equipment and engine life.  With the high cost of vehicles and motorized equipment these days, there isn't anyone who can't benefit from this fabulous product. This will become the standard of the entire industry - and we have it now!


DWG® PolyGuard-1® Premium Oil Treatment:

• Will help reduce friction in your engine
• Will help increase the film strength of your motor oil
• Can be used in any metal mechanism to reduce wear such as compressors and air tools,

Instructions for Use:

For use in your vehicles engine:

Because DWG® PolyGuard-1® Premium Oil Treatment is mixed with your engines oil; the oil treatment should be replaced at each oil change just as the oil itself is replaced.
Empty the entire contents (236ml) into your crankcase immediately after your oil has been changed.  For larger crankcases you should ensure that you have a minimum of 30ml per 1L of oil in your crankcase.

Note: For use in applications such as the lubrication of high speed air tools, pumps, and compressors simply add 3-5 drops of DWG® PolyGuard®-1 Premium Oil Treatment when you perform your regular maintanence and oiling.



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